Wednesday morning blog: Nice temperatures today, but big changes moving in.

Good Wednesday morning.  I hope your week is going great!  Mine has been pretty decent so far.  I am fighting off what I call a mild migraine, but I will make it.  I need to run and pick my mustang up this morning.  If you saw the new mustang(toy) I got last week, I am having some special paint coating put on and leather protection.  I need to pay a little attention to my SUV (Armada), I want to get at least 200k miles out of that baby.  I am about to roll 150,000 miles and I need to get new tires and I need to do an oil change.  However, it still is running pretty good.  I don’t want to drive the Armada on a day like today.  It is going to be very windy and that thing is like a sailboat.  If you have ever driven one, they aren’t the best SUV’s in the world, lol.  They get from point A to point B with a rough ride and terrible gas mileage.  Winds will be cranking in out of the south with gusts over 30 mph this afternoon.  However, not much on the radar below.

I think we should warm up to about 71 or 72 this afternoon.


As the cold front rolls through tonight, we will see temperatures drop into the lower 40s with NW winds.  However, we just aren’t going to warm up much tomorrow.  I think highs over the next two days will only be in the 40s.  This is right where we should be for this time of the year.  Our next wave rolls in over the weekend.  Now this isn’t a very strong system, but it does have potential to at least give us some rain an snow.  It is coming out with to waves of energy.  We will see one to the south and one to the north.  If they can come together over us, we will get decent rains and possibly a decent round of snow.  If the northern wave tracks to fast, then the system will shear or spread out and this won’t be a big deal at all.  As of right now it looks like they will at least somewhat come together.  So I think we will start to see some rain showers increase during the day on Saturday.  Our temperatures should  hover right above freezing for most of the day.

Saturday pm rain

This shows the rain showers on Saturday.  As some colder works in Saturday night and into Sunday, we should see a switch over to snow.  If we can see these two waves fuse together we could see a band of snow really come together by Sunday midday.  This is IF these waves can fuse together.  When I look back at the past two cycles in the Heady pattern, 1 of the past 2 cycles the waves fused together.  However, it was two cycles ago that they did fuse together which shows me we have at least a little better shot.  The cycles like to mirror every other cycle a little bit more.  If this could occur we could see a band of snow set up on Sunday midday from the viewing area northward into the KC metro.

Sunday pm snow

Lets just see how these waves want to react over the next few days.  I think as of right now we should get some showers and some snow showers.  We haven’t had much come together this season and if a storm system did come together I wouldn’t think it would be this one for a big one.  However, lets watch this to see if we can get any wintry weather at all from this or if we will just see some rain showers.  We have 3 days to watch it.


Updated long range forecast is below.


Here is your 7-day forecast:


North winds for Thursday and Friday but switching south for Saturday.  We will see winds switching right back to the north on Sunday and Monday.  We will work back to the SE for Tuesday. 

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LONG RANGE FORECAST: Based off of the HP(Heady Pattern)



Wednesday (4th):  Cool with slight chances for rain or snow.

Thursday (5th):  Cool with slight chances for snow.

Friday (6th):  Cold and partly sunny.

Saturday (7th):  Cool and partly sunny.

February 8th-14th:

A fairly cold start to the week with rain and snow chances on Sunday and Monday.  We will warm up for Thursday and Friday with rain chances.  We could see colder air working in with rain or snow chances by Friday with snow chances by the weekend.

February 15th-21st:

Cold with slight snow chances return for Sunday.  Staying cold with snow chances on Tuesday.  Then another wave late in the week with rain and snow chances for Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

February 22nd-28th:

Another cold week with mainly dry conditions until the weekend with rain and snow chances for Friday and Saturday.

March 1st-7th:

A cold start to the week with slight snow chances around Monday.  The warming up with rain chances on Friday.

March 8th-14th:

A cool start to the week with slight rain chances on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  Then cool and dry the rest of the week.

March 15th-21st:

Warming up at the beginning of the week with slight rain chances around Wednesday.  Then showers and thunderstorms on Friday and Saturday.

March 22nd-28th: 

A cool start to the week with slight rain chances from Monday through Wednesday.  Then cool the rest of the week with slight rain chances by the weekend.

March 29th-April 4th:

A cool start to the week, but warming up by the middle of the week.  Thunderstorm chances for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday with cooler temperatures moving in.

April 5th-11th:

A cold start to the week with slight rain or snow chances.  Then mild temperatures with showers and thunderstorms for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  Turning colder for the weekend.

April 12th-18th:

A cool start to the week with rain chances by the middle of the week.  However, staying cool through the week.

April 19th-25th:

Mild temperatures return with slight thunderstorm chances around Tuesday.  Thunderstorm chances again for Thursday and cooling down for the weekend.

April 26th-May 2nd:

Mainly a mild week with slight thunderstorm chances around Tuesday and then again late in the week.

May 3rd-9th:

A warm start to the week with slight thunderstorm chances on Monday and Tuesday.  Thunderstorms will be possible again around Friday with cooler weekend temperatures.

May 10th-16th:

A warm week and warming through the week.  We will see pretty good chances for storms late in the week and toward the weekend.


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