Wednesday Evening Blog: Great temperatures, but big changes

Good Wednesday evening!  I hope you are having a fantastic week so far.  Mine has been pretty good!  I had a productive day today before I came to work.  It makes me feel great if I get a ton done during the morning hours.  Then I feel like I can go home and binge on some Netflix.  Right now I am binging Bloodline, love it.  You will have to let me know your current binges.

Well we have had the showers over the past couple of days and much cooler temperatures.  What a switch from our lower 90s from this past weekend.  Most of the showers are dissipating at this time which you can see on the radar below.

The fantastic temps will stick around for the next several days.  Check out Thursday.

We will see 80s and thunderstorm chances returning by next Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  However, I want to go into next weekend.  Remember, the new cycle and pattern have now begun and I am see some interesting things.  Lets go to Sunday October 8th.

We are well into the new pattern at this time and a strong storm system rips into the central plains giving us showers and thunderstorms with much colder temperatures.  Why am I showing you this?  Well the new pattern has begun in the we will see this same system 6-7 more times over the next year.  So this highly excites me.  Also, look at the circle in the winds off the coast of Florida.  Very high chance that will be a tropical system on the cycled schedule next August and September.  When you can start to figure out when Tropical systems will occur almost a year in advance.  That is extremely cool.  Here is the surface for this same date above.

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