Friday Afternoon April 13th – Severe Threat Tonight

Good Friday afternoon, everyone! We made it to another weekend, but we’ll have to start it off with a shot for severe weather. It has been a windy day even before the t-storms got going. That has kept temperatures up into the middle 70s (at least) and helping us set the stage for severe weather today. We’re already seeing storms popping up on the radar below…

For the rest of the afternoon and for most of the evening, we’re all under a tornado watch until 10 PM.

That means any t-storm or severe t-storm that pops up in our area will be capable of large hail, strong wind speeds and the chance for a few tornadoes (maybe even a strong one or two). There isn’t a need for alarm. As always, just have a safety plan and your safe place ready to go. If you stick with that plan when a severe t-storm or tornado warning goes out, you’ll be fine. The t-storms will be scattered to start along and ahead of the dry line for the afternoon…

They’ll continue to remain scattered but strong as they push east toward the 69 corridor and the KS/MO line as we get closer to 7 PM…

By about late evening (certainly by 10 PM), the main action should be pushing out of our area and into the Ozarks of central and southern MO…

Beyond tonight, we’ll turn cold again with another blast of winter. We may even see a few snow showers late Saturday evening before we see a few more hard freezes going into the rest of the weekend.

Don’t forget that Doug has your long-range forecast and latest thoughts on the pattern covered over at


Here is your 7-day forecast:

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