Easter Sunday PM 4/1 – Back on the Warming Trend

Good late Sunday evening, everyone. We just wrapped up April 1st. It is the spring season. So, why not spend the last day of the weekend with winter weather over the area? Hopefully, you made the most of your Easter Sunday despite the light drizzle/freezing drizzle and sleet around the area. Any accumulations were minor and found mainly on the elevated surfaces. The clouds will stay with us going into the overnight, but the wintry precip has pretty much wrapped up. We’ll stay quiet on the radar below for most of the overnight…

Going into your Monday, we’ll still hold onto mostly cloudy skies and some scattered rain/t-storm chances. Despite that, we’ll get back above freezing after the morning drive. I have the latest forecast, including your Monday forecast and how the rest of the week is shaping up, right below…

Don’t forget that Doug has your long-range forecast and latest thoughts on the pattern over at headypattern.com

Have a good night and a great Monday!


Here is your 7-day forecast:

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