Saturday AM Blog: Great Day, but changes and your long range forecast

This is going to be a short blog as it is Saturday and the weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I have a busy weekend ahead.  This morning I have a football scrimmage with my son Christian.  Then I need to get errands done and stuff around the house.  I have a birthday party to go to tonight and then Sunday is here.  I would love to get a lake day in, but as you will see below that isn’t looking so hot right now. So lets start with today.

It is going to be hot, but not extremely humid.  It will be a great pool or lake day.  However, storms will build out west tonight.  Take a look at the radar, it is fine now.

Storms will roll in tomorrow morning.

This is about 9am.  Lets move to 2pm.

I do think most of the storms will be along and north of I-44.  Lets see how they set-up.  Lets progress to 6pm.

Scattered storms will continue over night and into Monday morning.  Then great temperatures the rest of the week.  Check out my long range forecast below.


Heady Pattern Update:  I found this pattern almost 20 years ago in college.  I used to bug my professors constantly about this pattern and they constantly told me that it wasn’t real.  I continued to work on it for the next few years.  By 2002, I knew the basis of the Heady Pattern.  I have figured out so much more over the past 16 years.  The biggest thing I feel like I have gained is the ability to long range forecast 12 months every year.  This has been my biggest goal the past few years.  I have hit some and missed some, but the past two I have hit and have it figured out.  So as I have stated in previous blogs, the fall will pick up as we are already seeing.  The winter wont be near as cold, but we will have more rain and snow.  If you are a winter lover that is great news.  Lets look into the spring and summer over the next few blogs.  Remember, my long range forecast is below.  If you have any questions about the Heady Pattern please FB me under Meteorologist Doug Heady or at  Cheers!


Pattern Background:

The pattern sets up each and every year from September 20th until October 10th.  The pattern is how storm systems will react.  In the pattern, there is a recurring cycle that takes place.  The cycle length can be from 40 up to 65 days long.  If we look at this years cycle, it is about 48 days long.  That means todays weather is similar to 48 days ago and 48 days from now.  I have been working on this pattern since 1999 in college when I noticed a snowstorm in Lawrence, KS had an odd look to it.  We had another snowstorm about two months later that had that same odd look to it.  A couple months later we had a severe weather outbreak that again had that same odd look.  It was the pattern that gave it that odd look, but the cycle that spread these storms out equally.  Since that point in time, I have been working on this pattern and find something new each and every year. 

Long range forecast through July


Next Week:  Thunderstorms on Sunday and Monday.  The rest of the week mainly dry until thunderstorm chances but slight return for the weekend.  Temps will be great through most of the week with low to mid 80s.   This is the chances for severe weather on a 1-10 scale.  1’s on Sunday, Monday and Friday.  A 2 on Sunday

August 26th-September 1st:    Warm 80s to start the week with 90s returning for the middle of the week.  It will be low 90s but still 90s.  80s return late in the week.  We will have several weak waves rolling through but it will give us pop-up storms just about each and every day.   This is the chances for severe weather on a 1-10 scale.  1’s on the thundestorm days.

September 2nd-8th:  Mainly a warm week with mild temperatures briefly mid week.  Thunderstorm chances Sunday through Wednesday.  This is the chances for severe weather on a 1-10 scale.  2’s thunderstorm days.

September 9th- 16th:  A hot start to the week with warm temperatures the second half of the week.  Thunderstorm chances on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Then again on Friday and Saturday.  This is the chances for severe weather on a 1-10 scale.  2’s each day.

September 17th-22nd:  Mainly a warm week with mild temperatures working in by the weekend.  Thunderstorm chances from Thursday through Saturday.  This is the chances for severe weather on a 1-10 scale.  2’s on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.




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