Christmas Eve 2017 – All is Calm, All is Cold for Christmas

Good Sunday evening, everyone. Hopefully, you all had a Merry Christmas Eve or a good Sunday overall. Some spots in our northern counties tried to pick up on another dusting to half inch of snow early this morning. Most spots managed to stay quiet and cold for this Christmas Eve. After lows started in the lower 20s this morning, we saw highs only climb into the upper 20s and lower 30s across the board. Even though we had a nice break from the clouds during the afternoon, the clouds are working back in. They’re not carrying with them as the radar below stays dry tonight…

We’ll stay quiet from Christmas Day all the way into the middle of the week. As we head toward the end of the week, though, I’m still keeping an eye on a few systems that could bring some wintry weather potential back into the area. I have the latest forecast updated for you right below…

Don’t forget that Doug has your long-range forecast and his latest thoughts on the pattern over at

Have a good night, a great Monday and enjoy your Christmas Day!


Here is your 7-day forecast:

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